Selasa, 14 Juli 2009

How to Raise A Super Smart Baby

by angelface4

From day one when your child is born you want to ensure that your he will have a bright future and we all want baby geniuses right? Well a genius might be a little out of the realm of possibility, but there are steps that you can take to at least make sure that your child reaches his full learning potential. Here are 3 step to get him there...


Read to your child from the time he comes home from the hospital! It is a proven fact that babies who are read to everyday have a 98% success rate over children who are not exposed to reading. They may not understand what you are reading, but in time, sooner than you think, that child will surprise you with picking up a book and quoting it word for word!

Go phonics go! Schools rely heavily on this skill and "Hooked on Phonics books" are a must for increasing your child pronunciation of words. Don't feel silly going over these sounds with a newborn because they are the first of many skills he will develop!

Sing to your baby! Abc's, 123's, the "itsy bitsy spider", it does not matter! Singing will build your child's memorization skills which will lead to a successful child in school, or at the very least, a recording contract!

Tips & Warnings

* Following these 3 skills may not make your baby an Einstein, but they are proven ways to give your baby a brighter future!
* To your babies success!!

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