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How to Determine If Your Child Is a Genius

Do you believe geniuses are born, not made? Do you wonder if you have one in your own home–—namely, your own child? Here is how to determine if your child is a genius.

Step One
Did your child need less sleep that the average infant or was he or she unusually alert for a toddler? These characteristics are found in most genius children.

Step Two
Note that genius children often start recognizing caretakers and talking earlier than most children, and they also build a strong vocabulary quickly. Note such traits in your child.

Step Three
Interact with your child. Does he or she use abstract logic for problem solving and have a high curiosity level, an extraordinary memory, a vivid imagination and an excellent sense of humor? These signs are often seen in geniuses.

Step Four

Remember that genius children progress faster that normal. Note if your child has an unusually high speed of learning and can concentrate longer than other children the same age.

Step Five
Test your child’s IQ level. You can either consult a child development specialist to conduct the test or look for a test online. A genius is marked by a high IQ.

Step Six
Observe your child carefully. Watch for signs such as a high activity level, unusually sensitive or compassionate tendencies, and a heightened reaction to pain or noise.

Step Seven
Consult a child development specialist to get your child assessed and determine for sure if your child is a genius.

Overall Tips & Warnings

* Interact with your child continually. This is the best way to understand his or her psyche.
* Never ignore any special needs of your child. This can have a negative effect on him or her emotionally.


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