Selasa, 14 Juli 2009

How to Help Your Child Manage Homework

Homework shouldn't (and needn't) throw the family household into a nightly uproar. Here are some commonsense guidelines to help your child take responsibility for what is, after all, her job.

Help your child organize the three S's: space, stuff and schedule. Disorganization will turn 40 minutes of math, history and science into two hours of blood, sweat and tears.

Ask your child to review her assignments with you every so often. Especially in the middle and upper grades, assignments must be managed over time, so be sure your child plans the work and works the plan.

Emphasize that your child's schoolwork is the number one priority. Continued participation in extracurricular activities, a part-time job, and/or leisure pursuits are to be worked in around completion of regular homework and other assignments.

Check your child's work - not every night, but often enough that she knows you might (and that you care).

Insist that she redoes sloppy work, but don't correct mistakes. Teachers need to know what students don't know.

Overall Tips & Warnings

* Don't fall into the trap of doing your child's homework for, or even with, her. Process is as important as product, and it doesn't help your child that you know how to reduce fractions to the lowest common denominator.


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